"10 minutes is pretty reasonable, but I don't think that I'm going to make my connection 2 minutes in the past," writes Rich H.


...and if you liked that one...

Hereward M. wrote, "I've found a magical time travelling embankment! Thanks, Google!"


"I have no idea what the question is even asking," wrote Adam F., "I mean, practicing what, piano?"


"I don't know if I'd say that setup is blocked. I'd say an impasse is more like it," Björn F. writes.


"After trying three times, I give up. FINE. Turn off podcast syncing," writes Scott S.


Peter G. wrote, "An operation failed, and there was a reason for it. That is all."


Ammar writes, "Sure, it says not to localize, but really, someone probably should have."


"Wow. I didn't realise my SQL database had got so big, maybe it's time to move it into the cloud?" wrote Mack.


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