One of my multitude of peeves is the phrase "special characters." Somehow, our lexicon has been corrupted by semiliterate middle-schoolers, who have never learned that the name for ,.;: and so on is punctuation and/or symbol. Dustin Hoffman's Raymond was a special character. Period ain't.

This week, Robert F. had the misfortunate to step into it, and observed "What boggles my mind is that someone had to actively choose to create a validation rule specifically for this."



Saver Stewart was frustrated by Fido's failure to refresh a field in their messages app. "It isn't reassuring when a major financial corporation can not count to zero correctly," he fretted. I figure they just reached zero and didn't update every element on-screen immediately.



In an echo of earlier error'ds, an anonymous member of our Helvetian contigent reminds us that Swiss Railway's apps (not to be confused with SwissRail's Zoppas) sind immer noch schlecht. Sagt mann "Ah, perfect! The Swiss Railways' app is telling me that I'll be there in NULL time 👌" Super!



"Even in the best families..." laments Lucio Crusca , shaking his head sadly. "This is WhatsApp Web since yesterday on my PC."



Finally, "I didn't think my age would be a problem..." stammered junior Jake. The cutoff age must be 34.5. Patience, grasshopper.



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