Hugops to Feedly who seem to have run into a snag this week.

Feeder Brent N. fretted "Seems feedly's update isn't going well, with only 21 of 3 hours left to go."



Emil L. snarked "Shopping for a washing machine with the Swedish firm Elgiganten. Still waiting for Kim to inform me about that not so hidden field among the product details" I suspect this could be an unexpected outcome of a monolingual member in a polyglot team.



Big Spender Cole T. flexes his wallet, look! "PayPal apparently doesn't place a limit on how big your donations can be. Also, using exponential notation for monetary values should be a crime." Agreed, especially if you're not going to use a reasonable depth of precision. 3.0e22 is the proper figure!



Vriend Wouter writes "Localizing legal texts, when organizing a competition for example, implies more than just translating. You also need to change any mentioned deadlines to the applicable region, for convenience of the reader. Inventing a new date is not part of the job description. (Not to mention it's a little bit weird how they mention a deadline in the Netherlands timezone, but then tell people not in the *Pacific* time zone to check the time in their region)" That's not the only thing that's weird.



Regular reader Lily White wants us to check this out. "I have no idea what led to this OOM in my local library’s entrance system (the form behind the dialog is a Remote Desktop/control tool)". My guess is time.



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