Counting down to the end of the year, in prep for some holiday or other, here are your penultimate five Error'ds for 2023. I wonder if Debbie ever was a real person.

First, Dr. Drk S. has some odd network behavior to share. "Sometimes inexplicable things happen in the cloud. Sometimes you get alerts that just go away. Sometimes you detect curious network traffic patterns. Sometimes it all averages out to nothing."



Confused David L. is stuck in a twisty maze of passages. "I've started a claim with Apple and finalised the claim with AIG, just wondering what I should do next." Try making a map.



Rancher Jon S. , from the land where the antelope just play right through, is buying a stealth truck. "When I selected Antimatter Blue paint I had no idea they'd take me that seriously!"



Grizzled Daniel D. calls out an old website [cough] "This is the risk we all take. Reading an article almost 10 years old, where CMS running behind has changed multiple times or has been upgraded over multiple major versions, will often bring you lots of displayed shortcodes that won't be processed. A simple nod will acknowledge them enough to read further."



Finally, thoughtful Mike took the time to obscure identifying marks from the attached out of concern for Debbie's people. "This production server has the minimum security. Debbie trusts you." I am certain that every common name is in all the password crack databases now, so I hope Debbie's not on the Internet.



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