Regulargle Argle garbles "It's an advertisement. At least... it says so." Hey, if you can't believe advertisements, what can you believe?



Time-traveling Kiwi Paul M. shares an adventure: "Notice the date in the menu bar. Presumably the covid passenger had booked a return sailing." Mumble mumble something international date line iwishalltimestampsincludedthebloodytimezone.



Yodeller Tom H. mutters "I look forward to receiving my parcel in n days time".



Opportunist Jeremy A. is being driven to a state of madness. "Don't worry, I tried entering my phone number too. Of course it says Error: You must enter a valid email address. " Excelsior!



Marc Würth posts practically parodically "Scott Adam's Dilbert website gave an error on the strip for today. But it could find one for this other day...". I was unable to reproduce this behavior, perhaps because the servers were full.



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