This week we received a plethora of failed text substitutions. I'd like to find a pithy name for this sort of error; suggestions in the comments here will be welcomed.

But before we dive into those typical errors, repeat contributor Valts S. has shared a classic blunder: "White text on white background. Who among us hasn't done this in our lives? :)"



And one more before we get to the theme. Prolific poster Michael R. reminds us that there is no fitness test for permission to create Google Forms. Says he " I am a little bit at a loss with question 3."



Now into the breach charges Rob H. with substitution error the first. "I've enjoyed my time at [workspace name here], which is why I'm not mentioning it here... unlike Slack, who simply fail at merging data."



Peter S. masters the obvious "You know, you're supposed to DELETE that bit, and enter your own, Dyson?"



Finally Argle Bargle returns with a similar example to start your weekend off... off. "The submission details lower on the page were all correct, but somehow didn't migrate to the greeting."



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