To atone for last week's errant Error'd, this week we're giving you 20% extra at no additional charge. For reals.

An anonymous submission starts us off. Ordinarily we wouldn't repost from social media but this is just too delicious.



Music lover Ben A. notes "There are plenty of things that accept HTML-style character references. RDS (Radio Data System) isn't one of them."



While regular contributor Mr. TA trumpets his dismay "...that tech house is now considered classical."



Shopping for a new Toyota radiowrapper Nunzio T. declares "I hope their cars don't do this!" I, for one, hope they DO. Forget Automatic Self-Driving, I want Automatic Self-Repair! Take my money!



Whereupon regular reader Peter stops to fuel up his own radiowrapper and discovers "Cool that security matters to you, but it seems the display unit does not agree with you." Commenters here will no doubt disagree with Peter (as do I).



And another anonymous radio-shopper (undoubtedly unwrapped) uncovers "So it seems that this particular mall directory was having some memory issues. Though I'm curious why a guard page would be needed in this day and age and for a directory of all things."



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