I am ordinarily ambivalent about submissions of weird stuff for sale at Amazon or elsewhere. They aren't great Error'd material; they're at worst an error in data. But today I'm sharing two with you because they're just so ridiculously funny that I think you'll get a kick out of them regardless.

First, venerable member The Beast in Black wants us to know that "Rubberbands can't fix everything" despite this fetching model who would have us believe otherwise. "PSA: DO NOT DO THIS!" He shouts, "if you're using rubberbands to keep the gas tube attached to your AK-pattern rifle, you are about to have MUCH bigger problems."



More humorously, pet lover and insect hater Roger G. is growing his menagerie. "I only wanted the flea treatment but apparently there is the option to get it with a cat!"



Erstwhile Top Dave G. huffs "That's Mr. Username to you! Good day, <<gender specific salutation>>."



"Would you like the Setup Guide, the Setup Guide, the Setup Guide, the Setup Guide, the Setup Guide, or the Setup Guide?" repeated perseverant Stuart L. "In fact, they are all different. There's even one for the storage bag this headset comes with! Naturally, the very last Setup Guide listed is the one for the actual headset."



Finally, cleverly pseudonymous Chasing the Dream shared this hated example with us, punning it "Password Whoas". I do have an entire column of such whoas in the works. Here's a teaser. Comments Comrade Chasing, "There are two distinct error messages that may occur, even though the list on the bottom has green checks. The other error message has a little bit more information other than unable to save the password. It took me twenty minutes to find the right combination of characters before the system approved and saved the password. If I did not have to use Chase for my mortgage, I would not voluntarily use their website."



Bon Weekend to you all; I am off to get more cyborg parts.

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