This submission left an anonymous reader speechless.



Handyman Luke H. hammers on an argument against visible test-in-prod. "More doing, less testing"



Student Mike S. shares a language lesson with us. " Obviously a new definition of OK."



Amateur meteorologist Loren Pechtel casts some shade on NOAA, reporting "from the weather station on Wheeler Peak, Nevada. The last column is snow depth." Seems like there's been less snow everywhere lately.



Connaisseur Gordon S. queries "Is DDG a big fan of the place, or is it telling me to go somewhere else?" Or is this a subtle SEO play?



Reader Valts S. volunteers: "Translation errors are kind of a low hanging fruit, and I even feel a bit guilty for submitting this. Obviously someone who's first language wasn't English tried hard and simply made a very human mistake. But then sometimes it happens to be so funny!" Too true, Valts.



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