Automotive afficionado Mike S. proudly relates "My first and only car has been a classic 1965 6-cyl Ford Null. I've always loved it but it does crash from time to time, even though I've received many pointers on how to avoid that. I've considered getting an Infiniti and then would divide my time between the two." Avoid pointers, Mike.



Northern neighbor and Error'd enthusiast Eddie R. doubled down on submissions this week. First he shared a sales pitch from that venerable society. "The RCGS emails me pretty regularly, but it looks like this week they did a manual mail merge and skipped the merge part."



And then he buckled down to pay his back taxes but found he's very far behind. "Apparently the Canada Revenue Agency has not received my tax returns for the years leading up to the birth of Christ. Oops?"



Appleist Alex somehow triggered an odd error. Is it my eyes, or are two of these boxes larger than the rest? Alex explained "The password must contain 1 uppercase letter, 1 digit, 1 punctuation and 2 nulls on the 2FA page."



Finally, Dutch Denilson shows out the week. "This site is originally in Dutch, and they translated it themselves to English. Unfortunately, nobody did QA on this specific page in the English version. Truth to be told, translations are usually done out-of-context. Anyway, out of the two continue buttons, I obviously clicked on the wrong one, so I could continue on my journey to find the right button." And now we'll all continue on our own journeys. Goed weekend allemaal!



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