Paul M. identifies an online vendor who isn't at all afraid of the bold ask. But he demurs. "Uh, I think I'll stick with the sale price thanks."



Clever Jim R. appears to have constructed a Jira workflow that includes a transition named "Cancel". Thus, when he chooses to "Cancel" an issue, he's presented with the option to continue to perform the Cancel operation or to cancel the Cancel. "Will I cancel the Cancel or will I cancel the issue?" he wonders. Readers, what do you suppose? Did Jim set this up on purpose just for the WTF?



Horolophile Alexander clocks in from next month with a quick word. "I thought Time Machine was only for Macs, but apparently you can use it with Apple Watch too."



Curious Peter wondered just what would happened if he posed the bold ask to Google. He found out. "Should we check for overflows in our calculator, Boss?"



Finally, the audacious V C. shares this stumper, saying "Azure's support for coming soon is coming soon. Hang tight."
I suspect a setup, but I don't know how it was done. Toujours l'audace, VC.



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