"'Soll das Fenster geschlossen werden?' means roughly 'Should the window be closed?'," wrote David, "Hovering over the 'No' option shows that it will invoke doNothing(). Thank goodness!"


"I thought I'd made a typo in my search, but it appears Sears has me covered anyway," John G. wrote.


Ruud H. wrote, "In the heading, you can see that someone left 'Henk' a message as to the availability of newer components."


"I got this while adding a date to a job application site," writes Andy S..


"Direct3D support isn't available on Windows? How is this even possible!?" Miquel B. writes.


"Cumberland Farms gas stations now play annoying commercials at extremely high volume when you pump gas, so imagine my delight at seeing this while filling my tank," James writes.


"I don't think one can possibly get out of an error hole like this one," writes Anon.


"This ironic message appeared while trying to get product documentation for a WD Live Media Streamer I recently purchased," Andy wrote.


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