"I know that whenever I sit down to watch the adventures of brutal 14th century Mongolian warlords and Italian explorers, I want to dress the finest from my Ralph Lauren collection. And you should too!" writes Mike S.


"I don't know what two words I'm supposed to use here. Even if I use the numbers as the first word, what is the second word? Tree? Post? Lincoln Log?," writes Keith S.


Jerason B. wrote, "While not saving the world, the Avengers deal with the implications of Western-style beauty pageants disrupting traditional Hindu society!"


"Error based advertising -- it's the wave of the future!," writes Chris Z.


Alex S. wrote, "According to the Heisenburg uncertainty principle, it is impossible to know both the location and closing time of a pizza place."


"So, whether your answer is yes or no, you've only got 4000 characters to fit it all in," David writes.


Egor found this in the "allegedly technical" BRW magazine.


Steve D. writes, "While shopping for new boots online, my decision is nearly final - I just can't decide between the...knife and diamond ring?!"


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