Drew W. writes, "I'm looking forward to the next month's episode, Localized/Consumer-Facing Title where the kids all learn about the pitfalls experienced when attempting to display localized strings. And it's the St. Patrick's Day episode."


"Photoshop doesn't always have problems with the display driver, but when it does," Morgan wrote.


"Modern math is so hard. I just don't know the answer!" writes Allan.


Vivia wrote, "Of course, ticket kiosk systems are separate from the trains' systems! Right?"


"I, for one, enjoy an occasional fish taco, but I don't think this will go over very well for Taco Bell," Chris N. wrote.


Iddo S. wrote, "I guess even Google acknowledges the popularity and necessity of WhatsApp, especially if they’re trying to show us what the world would look like without it."


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