Today's Error'd submissions all center around another common pitfall of the modern web application: failed text substitutions and the ensuing unintentional hilarity.

Antipodean Tony B. sends a Scot sir slur, writing "The mighty Beeb dumbs it down?"

007, once


Mind you, when I searched to verify the actor's ID, Google informed me this was an image of "Hair loss — Symptoms and Causes".

Another ailing Scott shares an ominous medical missive, but fortunately "In an unusual outcome, what appeared to be spam was in fact legitimate."

spox, that is to say spokesperson, is a wee bit of license


We hope you are well, Scott, and only the doc's spox's sick.

A muffed mail merge miffs Malhar, moaning "Didn't replace the street name in the first line and didn't bother to check before mailers went out. More like Do It Wrong." We are reminded that this pernicious pattern predates the Web, perhaps even paper. We may yet find preserved pressed placeholders among Pompeii's cooked clay.



Clint complains of Spectrum that "I don't even have a payment in process!



And finally, VJ Goh closes out this week's set with an inspiring tale of Canadian heroism. Writes he "This headline really buried the lede. They'd get a lot more clicks if people knew this was about Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE A"



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