"I'm not sure what happened...maybe they ran out of vowels?" Mitch wrote.


"I know it's important to pay close attention to my portfolio, but I think SigFig could have just put 0% instead.," writes Dave


Scott K. writes, "Alright, I guess I'll take zero."


"While trying to install some debugging tools, I found that Asia simply won't allow it," writes Johnathan R.


"When this model wouldn't open, at first I'd tried looking in my shoes," Will R. wrote, "but now I know exactly where to start. Thank you Autodesk!"


Austin writes, "I got this message when opening a solution in Visual Studio 2010. I am assuming it means 'may not be available', but I don't know."


"Ummm...Seems like an assertion that should fail every time?" asks Dinesh M.


Jay C. writes, "Looks to me like someone the fact checker on this mobile app from a news organization launched by a peacock and a paper clip."


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