Joshua O. repeats "Looks like this week will really be a case of the Mondays!"



Regular reader Argle Bargle reiterates "I know MSN is trying to use an AI to filter inappropriate comments. (See my comment about AI really SI = Simulated Intelligence.) The Daily WTF at least has Real Intelligence, so this is a plus. Disqus seems to do better letting the community monitor. But I'm left with laughing at a powerful entity (MSN) that just seems overly confused. Attached is my latest. Switch under for over and it works. The original generates a 'something went wrong' message, but participants have already figured out what's really happening. I suppose the daily WTF shouldn't do repeats like this, but IMHO, such a big organization needs mocking for such garbage on a perpetual basis."



Coincidentally, commenter Robert A. complains "I gave up posting comments on the Daily WTF weeks ago, because I never see them posted. What does held for moderation even mean? What are the rules? Does moderation ever occur? It’s like Andor getting out of prison." As the esteemed Mr Bargle states above, TDWTF uses only "Real Intelligence" to filter the comments. And as you should have realized by now, there is a grave, grave shortage of anything remotely approximating that rare substance anywhere in this country right now.



Neutral Patrick G. submits "I must have missed the news that the US and Switzerland have merged into one country."



Finally, rider Alex recounts "Minus 12 percent full, on the Coast Starlight. Are we filling that train with anti-people?" I suspect the truth is that it's -12% full, ergo, 12% empty, ergo 88% full.



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