Today's a day for a smorgasbord. We're going to start with a classic kind of bad code, from astephens:

pbUpdates.Value = int.Parse(Math.Truncate(percentage).ToString());

Here, we want to truncate a floating point down to an integer, but take a trip through a string to do it. Why? Probably because the person responsible knew about int.Parse but not how to actually cast.

Thomas's predecessor had a solid idea of where exceptions come from:

    ' snip
Catch ex As Exception
    Me.Response.Write("error in my code " & ex.ToString())
End Try

I appreciate the honesty: your code is bad.

Sylnsr wonders if this stored procedure has anything to do with generating reports?

this.sqlDataSource1.SelectCommand = "rptGetVoidReportDataForReport";

Nah, couldn't be- it says void in the name, so it obviously doesn't return anything.

Finally, Adam wonders exactly what is left to do on this one:

pdfBytes = pdfConverter.GetPdfBytesFromUrl(urlToConvert);   //TODO: This is the code we want to use.


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