NaaN stands for NaN Ain't A Number. But other things most certainly are, even though we don't always think of them as numbers or represent them as decimals. MCMLXVI, for example. Sometimes zero. Maybe even more so 5-i. This week we have some special numbers for you, among other things.

Lonely dog-lover Kevin M. was thrown from joy to despair in barely one second. "Embark found some new relatives for my dog... or not." It's arguably technically true that Embark found a number of new pup kin.



Antiquarian Peter S. uncovered an Error'd. "If the internet speed is in roman numerals, then this fiber connection is not very good." I can only assume the ISP is carving the bits out of marble with hammer and chisel.



Windows shopper Rudi A. ponders "I'm trying to decide what the real WTF is - presumably recurring to complex numbers to represent page numbers (what else could the ellipsis mean?), or acknowledging the existence of only 9 Dell products (second page had only one entry)." My number theory is a little weak, but I know that there are an infinite number of real numbers between 1 and 2. However, if there are any numbers between 2 and 2 they must be imaginary. Maybe a real mathematician will correct me.



Time-travel tyro Charles C. shared a personal experience. "I was expecting this parcel last Thursday. Canada Post seems to think they're still going to make it." I wonder if we'll ever know whether they will have done.



Finally, an anonymous submission having to do with neither times nor dates turns up a glitch in the YouTube algorithm "Some Youtube viewers suggested Tim from Hardware Unboxed should take a singing career as a side gig. I guess he listened."



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