Danish cookie connoisseur Jørgen N. contributes our starter course this week. "Cloudera has an interesting way of implementing "Required only" cookies." It's an exercise for the frist poster to explain to the peanut gallery what's so distasteful about third-party cookies.



Studious Olivier sagely notes "Anatomy has been a subject of study ever since someone cut some other fellow open, but I don't think Android applications existed when Pontius Pilate washed his hands."



Coincidentally, Brett R. contemporaneously comments "That last build took a little more than 2,020 years, I think the software is already out of date."



Regular Peter G. breaks some big news for cosmology. "Looks like the dark matter mystery has been solved. Bunnings Warehouse in Australia reckons 150ccs of null weighs about 42g!" That must be inclusive of the packaging.



Speaking of cosmology, after Dan N's retirement portfolio took a haircut this week, he decided he might need to check his Social Security benefit for a little reassurance. Imagine his dismay at this bureaucratic brushoff. "I got an email from the SSA telling me that they'd published a new statement of my current progress to earning retirement benefits. When I went to their website to login I found this. They've got anywhere between 4 and 8.5 hours of scheduled downtime every single day! Unless the "database" backing their site is a room full of filing cabinets with hundreds of clerks to transcribe records when a teletype prints out requests I can think of no sane reason for this sort of downtime." Union rules?



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