"Google notified me that it needs help from a human and then displayed me this image," Jeff K. wrote, "I think I may need some help too."


"I'm really glad that Pizza Hut's batch job finished up...does this mean I get one of those 16,867,183 coupons?" Lincoln K. wrote.


Stefan Z. writes, "Testing is important for any business' site. Even if, sometimes, it's in production."


"I give you The Sam's Club business model:

  1. Drop password length limit from 25 to 12
  2. Apply new validation to existing passwords
  3. ???
  4. Profit!" George writes.


"My feedback for World of Tanks is as follows - 'I had a VERY negative experience'," writes Piotr.


James P. writes, "So...which one do I install first?"


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