Scraping the bottom of the barrel this week, we accepted a couple of submissions that aren't, by any means, Errors. But they're undoubtedly amusing to the likes of those who haunt these pages, and as such, bon appetit.

Diner Dave A. wondered "I wasn't sure if you would really accept this as an Error'd, because it only *looks* like an error, which is why it caught my eye, but it isn't! So, on with the snark: You'd think there'd be Null chance that someone would name a restaurant like this, right? But NO! (Or as YAML would say, Norway!) This really exists -- I haven't been there yet but at the very least its website isn't Null. Maybe two Nulls are like a double negative, making it positively exist?" It doesn't look very filling.



Gaijin François P. figures "Validating phone numbers is hard. Fortunately, naming the field 'User contact information' instead bypasses the problem entirely. Now I can easily enter my 12-single-byte-letters phone number with ease."



Ancient Steve W. advises "I'm not THAT old. But at least I made the front cover - how cool is that?"



Wrangler Adam R. webster'd up a curiosity. "I was looking for definitions of 'wrassle'. Not only was that not in the dictionary, the site felt compelled to inform me that neither was 'ntshingwayo' "



And finally, deep thinking Tim R. gave Americans some thoughtfood for the long weekend. "It's not really an error as such, but it's surely a WTF. If you're fortunate enough to have a Microsoft account you've probably seen this dialog a million times before but have you ever stopped to think about what it means? The default action is agree Yes to 'Stay signed in?', but No to 'Don't show this again', so should it keep asking you every time you don't sign in?"



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