Sometimes, readers submit code and say, "every line is wrong!" Usually, they mean that every line contains a bad choice, or represents a bad way of accomplishing the program's goal, or there's a series of compounding mistakes.

David sends us a block which… well, yes, every line is wrong, because every line contradicts every other one.

/** * gets instance of Product Status object * * @return object Warehouse Supplier object */ function __construct() { $this->_price = new OrderValidator(); }

The only thing "correct" about this is that PHP does have you name your constructor __construct. Ignoring that, between the comment and the one line of executable code, not a single thing agrees with anything else. I'd suspect that this was progamming by copy/paste, but I feel like that'd be more coherent. It might be really bad AI generated code, but David assures us that this was written by an actual human.

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