"UPS has sent my parcel to the corporeal equivalent of /dev/null," wrote Steve J.


"If the error message 'recurs', I don't know how much support will be able to help me out," Travis writes.


"When IntelliJ seems to be second guessing it's ability to detect file encoding," writes Felix V.


Eamon B. wrote, "Aww! That UID sure makes me feel loved, Uber. As if my $potential earnings weren't enough!"


"On the one hand, it seems that I'll have to find my departure flight times elsewhere," wrote Fay A., "but on the bright side, I can see that Au Bon Pain is open."


"I didn't want to use an existing certificate, but the advanced options for creating a new one don't leave me much of a choice," writes Ingo B.


"Swarm appears to think that a glass is half full and first place is last as well," Dmitry Z. writes.


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