Not exactly once, I sincerely hope. That would be tragic.

"Apparently, today's leap day is causing a denial of service error being able to log into our Cemetery Management software due to some bad date calculations," writes Steve D. To be fair, he points out, it doesn't happen often.



In all seriousness, unusual as that might be, I do have cemeteries on my mind this week. I recently discovered a web site that has photographs of hundreds of my relatives' graves, and a series of memorials for "Infant Spencer" and "Infant Strickland" and "Infant McHugh", along with another named dozen deceased age 0. Well, it's sobering. Taking a moment here in thanks to Doctors Pasteur, Salk, Jenner, And now, back to our meagre ration of snark.

Regular Peter G. found a web site that thought Lorem Ipsum was too inaccessible to the modern audience, so they translate it to English. Peter muses "I've cropped out the site identity because it's a smallish company that provides good service and I don't want to embarrass them, but I'm kinda terrified at what a paleo fap pour-over is. Or maybe it's the name of an anarcho-punk fusion group?"



"Beat THAT, Kasparov!" crows Orion S.



"Insert Disc 2 into your Raspberry Pi" quoth an anonymous poster. "I'm still looking for a way to acquire an official second installation disc for qt for Debian."



Finally, Michael P. just couldn't completely ignore this page, could he? "I wanted to unsubscribe to this, but since my email is not placeholderEmail, I guess I should ignore the page." I'm sure he did a yeoman's job of trying.



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