"Wow! Every time I tapped 'See more products', the number more than doubled," writes Stephanie F.


Steve L. wrote, "I wonder. Will my order number get upgraded to a full integer once it has been shipped?"


"The loyalty program for the local chocolate shop wants to know your birthday and then gives you 12 free form fields to tell them what you think about having birthdays in each month of the year," wrote Rupert M.


"[%%PERSONAL_PRONOUN%%] feel so special," writes James C.


"It’s nice to know that my laptop will have the latest and greatest BIOS. Totally worth the extra time to boot up this morning," writes James B.


Quentin G. wrote, "Only the devil himself would name an update like this...Or an intern. Or a psychopath."


"An appropriate error considering the file's contents," Chris wrote.


"So, is this ColdFusion giving me my first warning?" Jack T. writes.


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