"Honesty like this should be rewarded - whole dialog box warning that the install progress bar is absolutely crap," wrote John A.


"While looking up places to cash travellers's checques in Ithaca, NY, Amex recommends going to Tunis or Swizerland to do that," John B. writes.


Craig wrote, "All right! My Dropbox limit is now -41GB... Maybe I should back up my negative hard drive?"


"So, let me see if I understand this - A 2 TB hard drive has the potential to store 70 years of ...pictures," writes Björn E.


Alistair K. wrote, "Get in trouble for sleeping too long? Yep, I hear you there."


"I'm familiar with automating things with scripts," writes Michiel S., "But it takes real guts to script the raising and lowering of a bridge."


Phil writes, "Data is corrupted from character 3958 to 3957. Ok. I think I got it."


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