So much cringe here today. Obviously, the first submission below just reeks of professional sycophantry on so many levels. I can't decide which is more offensive, the barefoot butcher or the grotesque attempt to humanize a vogon. To take the edge off, I'll start you out with a very old shaggy dog punchline. The actual setup for this groaner is pretty horrible, though someone on the internet has dutifully compiled the definitive collection of all known variants. Sparing you that misery, I'll cut straight to the chase: Rudolf the Red knows rain, dear. Now you can decide which gag is more worthy: that, or this.

My English vocabulary cannot convey the complexity of my feelings about Beatrix W. who shared a monstrosity, reporting innocently "I was just looking for a book about AppleScript by a Japanese author." Is there a Japanese word for "thank you for this gift but never do it again?"



Or maybe there's a German word for it. What say you, Friend Foo? This week Foo A. has a fun one for us. "Halt entfällt means stop omitted, so they're suggesting I should change to a train that doesn't even stop there!" Clearly, they're expecting you to jump nimbly aboard as it rolls through. I hope it at least slows down.



Newlyread Rudi sent in a screenshot titled <insert subject/title here> saying "I guess the game is to figure out what the location is? (The reason I used HTML entities in the title is because in a previous attempt to submit this WTF I used the actual characters, but resulted in a 500 error, so now I'm checking if that might have been the reason why. Which I guess would be a meta-WTF. :) )" So it might, and it wouldn't be our first. As the other joke goes, "what happens if you try it again?"



Easy-listening Dan snapped a shot of his infotainment system, remarking "I think it's a Reverse HTML Injection. At first, I thought they'd fix it quickly, but it's been like this for weeks." I've seen submissions like this before, but I'm not sure if I've run one.



With the last word for this week, Micha Thomas has us going and coming. "Coming from the same company that gave us the infamous Click 'Start' to shutdown Windows, this is what my Outlook greeted me with this morning"



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