"I'm guessing this is a case where there are keys and then there are KEYS," writes Guy G.


Eric G. wrote, "Based on this Apple News from the Future, I can't tell if George Lucas will live forever, or if he found a way to keep tweaking the Star Wars movies from beyond the grave."


"How anyone can claim that Valve is a money-grubbing company when they offer discounts this amazing is beyond me," Chris A. writes.


"I feel almost as if someone behind the Google News algorithm was like, 'You know what, with all this impeachment hearing drama, maybe you need a drink?', writes Hans H.


"Well, on the bright side, at least we have full transparency into their methods," wrote Frederick S.


Drew W. writes, "I had a sneaking suspicion that my Silver Airways flight was going to be canceled when I tried to check on its status and got this as a result."


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