"Hey, may I get your permission...quickly? I'm about to leave for a world tour and I have a LOT of ground to cover," writes John


Tobi wrote, "I was configuring a new password for my new router when this absurd 'your password is too weak' dialog was thrown my way."


"In hindsight, November flew by, but October felt like it was 2 months long," writes Kyle U.


"I went to BMW's website and requested a new password," writes Chris, "and this is what I received."


Aaron wrote, "I'm curious how this 404 error page was found when I got an error page stating the contrary. Maybe there is a try/catch that failed to preserve the stack trace?"


"I browsed on some art site apparently affiliated with some discount program McAfee has, courtesy of SiteAdvisor," Andrew R. writes, "Needless to say, I didn't take up the offer."


The curse says that Lucien C. must keep providing his auction with new souls or it will never end.


Renan B. writes, "An ad for CCleaner? I can't say it looks all that effective..."


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