The most eventful day in Error'dland narrowly missed our publication window last week. As everyone must surely know by now, somebody at HBO Max was testing in production. And the Internet blew up.


And our inbox blew up.


Naturally, the social media team at HBO decided to try and capitalize on the kerfluffle with a bit of light-hearted brand action, because of course they did:


In turn spawning an angry Twitter mob (because of course it did) excoriating HBO for mistreating the poor schlub, a global We Are Spartacus moment, and alack, a new conspiracy theory because, alas, of course it did. It just wouldn't still be 2020 without a new conspiracy theory.


This all goes to show that test-in-prod can be good for business. As long as you can avoid the sickest errors like this one that our friend Brian B. uncovered. He wrote "Our daily health screening provider was supposed to ask if you've had a COVID-19 vaccine. Yes/No/Postpone/Decline. This is what we got on the first day. I guess the entire SQA team is in quarantine."



So when you decide to run a test in production, don't be boring like these EBay sellers that bargain-hunter David found:



Instead, lean into it! Immanentize the conspiracies! Get your Marketing department and social media team involved! Tell them you want to do something viral and fabulous! Like this beret'd beagle stuffed stormtrooper steed. Good Luck.



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