Today's Error'd submissions are not so much WTF as simply "TF?" Please try to explain the thought process in the comments, if you can.

Plaid-hat hacker Mark writes "Just came across this for a Microsoft Security portal. Still trying to figure it out." Me, I just want to know what happens when you click "Audio".


Reader Wesley faintly damns the sender "Hey, at least they are being honest!" But is this real, or is it a phishing scam? And if it's real phishing, can it really be honest?


Surveyed David misses last week's trivial "None of the above". So do I, David.


Diligently searching, keyboard sleuth Paul T suspects his None key might be somewhere near his Any key, but he can't find that one either.


Finally, an EU resident who wishes to remain anonymous has warned us "Vodafone doesn't allow IT jokes to kids... And they might be right". Where did we go wrong, Vodafone nannies? Was it the C++?


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