Hugo K. writes, "Space Mountain is closed for refurbishment. It will reopen when all security patches are installed."


"Thanks TeamViewer for copying every picture 1.1 million times over," writes Michael L., "You can, um, stop whenever you like."


"I had no idea that Report Builder depended on 2972!" wrote David G., "If I ignore this will 30584 still get updated?"


"While I have unlimited phone and text, it seems odd that Verizon would track my data usage so precisely," wrote Ken L.


Adam K. writes, "My day was going great until Atlassian changed how reputation was tracked."


"Today Spotify played the same song on my daily mix twice, at the same time. I guess the album title explains it," wrote Matthijs W.


Prutser writes, "Someone forgot some tags while making this website and, all of a sudden, broken HTML was painted all my old dormitory."


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