To introduce myself, that’s me over in the right corner. Hi. You might remember that, a year or so back, this site got a face lift. We still love the way it looks, but, if we are being straight with you, the CSS and HTML are a damn mess. So, I’ll be re-building the site while maintaining the same look, and maybe writing an article here and there.

Most of you are familiar with Release!, the card game, which Inedo came out with last summer. The support on Kickstarter was fantastic, especially from the Daily WTF community. I was the lead game designer on Release!, and I was also on the team for our more recent Kickstarter campaign, ABC++.

This October, I am pleased to participate in an event in my town: Ohio Linux Fest in Columbus will feature Release! during its game nights, and give me the opportunity to speak about the overlap of game and software design.

Catch my talk, Pinochle, Dungeons and Dragons, and Software Usability, as well as some Release! demos during Friday’s happy hour, and at the afterparty.

The talk revolves around how board games utilize a very similar design infrastructure as software UIs to communicate with their users. It mostly discusses the lessons we can take from these cardboard interfaces and how to apply them to digital ones.

God, that sounds nerdy as hell.

Anyway, I will be sure to bring some TDWTF Mugs, and copies of Release! with me too. So, if you don’t have the game yet you might wind up scoring a free pack!

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