As you may have noticed, the site looks quite a bit different! As I mentioned back in March, it's been almost seven years since the look and feel of The Daily WTF has been updated, and I was getting pretty tired of the "2003ish" vibe the site had.

You guys gave some fantastic feedback to help guide the new design, and in July I shared a preview look. After some more feedback - both on the GitHub issue tracker and the forums - we put on the finishing touches and launched the site this evening.

Of course, it's not perfect - there are a few issues I found when writing this article, and I'm sure we'll find a lot more. But it's a big improvement and, because all of teh codez are on GitHub, it'll be a lot easier to fix things. So if you notice any glitches or have ideas for improvements, please post an issue, submit a pull request, post something in this article's discussion, or contact me directly.

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