"I guess that Intuit might have reasons for not allowing me to say Math was my least favorite subject in school," writes Alan R.


"I really wanted to buy an audiobook or three, but I doubt it would be prudent considering the price," wrote L. H.


Based on Petrea M's error, I have to wonder if there's also a TRUE and FALSE were also beginning in Hearthstone.


"Even if nobody is in line at McDonalds, turns out it can still get pretty busy," writes Bob W.



"At first, I was a little concerned that iFixit didn't carry the tool I needed to fix my Wii U," Tyler writes, "Thank goodness iFixit had it in stock!"


Jan wrote, "I'm not sure that these are the enterprise experts that I want to work with!"


"Sadly, I don't think that I'm smart enough to sign up," Sam P. writes.


"While browsing Careers 2.0, I noticed this Amazon job," wrote Caleb, "I don't think that applying would be good for my self-esteem."


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