I don't think they exist.

Choosy Chris P. wants more choices, carping "You keep using that word, I don't think it means what you think it means."



Romantic Ryan S. rued buying holiday flowers, regretting "A sure fire way to end the love and laugh on valentine's day this year."



Nonlocal lothario romeo reminds us that it's important to validate your inputs. "After entering nonUSA format of data amount you get NaN for annual price and the same for discounted price"



From beyond the realm of space and time, Stewart sent the following. "Yet more proof of how hard dates are. Even the UKs largest broadband provider can't get it right."



Trader Tim R. thinks he found an angle. "While having a look at the $ to Euro exchange rate, I was surprised to see Google had such accurate predictions for 500 years into the future," he says. I say "how do you know they're accurate?"



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