"I know we are special here in Saskatchewan but I don't think we need 10 different choices," wrote Mike.


Anthill B. writes, "Thanks, Google! That's a really useful tip!"


"Guess yourself an unused membership number at goget.com.au," wrote Scott.


"I'm in the process of setting up a virtual machine cluster and while setting up the IPMI admin password, I get told this", Stuart L. writes, "Nevermind, SuperMicro, it's only the keys to the kingdom."


"Figures that as soon as I get of the stupid squirrels out of my bird feeder, they show up in my PC!" writes Eion R.


Tim W. wrote, "Seagate drives are packed with more features than I expected (or needed)."


"I am feeling lucky, but I am not sure what the benefits of a Test SKU would be," writes Jeremy H.


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