Renault driver Oisin H. writes <<I had no idea French week had only six days>> It seems they too have never got the hang of Thursdays.



For your breakfast, please enjoy the lovely shade of egg yolk in this submission from Yaytay who highlights "It's so broken that it's showing the default .Net error page!"



Since we're making today "Pick on Microsoft Day", here's a treat from Azure. Rob F. shares "The view as web page divided by zero and gave me a computer says no response." Go easy on Rob, Google's translator has a beef with Microsoft, too.



And a reader who styles himself TheRealSteveJudge queries "Where can I get a 0-bit Windows? At least I can download drivers for it."



Finally, loyal reader Pascal apparently files his taxes the same time we do. 2017, 2018, Thursdays, whatever.



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