Several years back, I confessed to selling out. But there was a catch: instead of running those rubbish Google ads, we would run hand-picked ads from relevant tech companies.

This worked out wonderfully and, as many of you commented, you first heard about some really cool tools and services, here on the site. So, to commemorate the site relaunch, we wanted to do something really special and work with a select group of tools/companies in the industry to sponsor some entertaining content for you, our readers. You know, things like Radio WTF's Make It Work, OMGWTF Contest, or even Mandatory Fun Day.

That said, we're thrilled to roll out the red carpet for our friends at Puppet Labs as the first of our sponsors for 2015. If you're not already familiar with Puppet Labs, you really should be!

If you're not already familiar, Puppet is all about automating the configuration and management of servers and the software running on them, whether on physical or virtual machines, on prem or in the cloud (and if you have 2 minutes to spare, their intro video gives a pretty good overview of how they help their customers get things done).

They’ve also expanded to integrating with network devices, and that’s going to continue through their relationships with many data center hardware vendors.  It's all about infrastructure as code, and so Puppet used by everyone from start-ups to Google. Be on the lookout for a more in-depth article this year where we deep-dive into their technology as well.

We're all pretty excited about this. Thanks to their support, we'll be able to create some exciting new content, do more meet-ups, and have a lot more fun all-around.

Oh, and it’s definitely worth mentioning they also backed my Release! game. Puppet Labs is one of those for-techies-by-techies companies that loves to be a part of the happenings and provide opportunities in the community.  Please make sure to check them out!

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