Unpacking from the pre-Christmas rush, as you might imagine our readers were running into all kind of fun with packages and delivery and time warps. But first, proof that time warps also afflict even web sites that ship only bits, not boxes.

Jonathan B. wondered "What day IS it today?" when faced with this article.



Anxious Dave P. fretted "This screenshot was taken on 12/21. I don't think I'm getting this package in time for Christmas." I've got a nickel that says he actually did get it. Tell us, Dave, what happened?



Whovian Adam in England GB has a timewarp for us. "I was sent a FedEx tracking link for a parcel from work, only for them to claim that it had already been delivered. Apparently using a TARDIS." Coincidentally, I've got another nickel that says Remy has actually been to Plum at some point. I've been to Mars but never Plum.



Regular Peter G. has a package that stopped in Us, US US. "Given the short time difference I assume it's still somewhere in Buena Park rather than, say, on a beach in Florida." Which is better, imprecise but accurate, or precise but wrong?



Finally, after all the stockings were unfilled and packages unshipped, Jeffphi got a moment of joy. "I spotted this headline gift from the Seattle Times on Christmas Day."



Happy New Years, all. My remaining nickel is being saved to flip for whether I go to bed early or spend the eve playing darts at Murphy's. See you in '24.
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