Boxing Day was weeks ago, but the packages are still coming.

Before Enterprise, Captain John Archer had a brief career in body-snatching. Here we see him possessing the person of a housewife, delivering a succinct eulogy for a parrot named Earl. A surprised David K. exclaims "I didn't see this plot twist coming!"



Everyone has their price, and for Clint, that price is 0%. "This is from an email enticing me to re-subscribe by offering me a discount."



An anonymous psychic blew this post from the past straight into our inbox: "Clairvoyance is real, and here's proof!"



"Distributed Computing is Hard," reminds Brett N. , joking that "USPS's new delivery vehicles are really really fast!" Somehow, this package arrived at Issaquah before it left Redmond.



Also thanks to the reliable USPS, we get this little chuckle to end the week. The Beast In Black [I know, but he says that's his name] acknowledges "This isn't really Error'd but it's still a WTF, albeit in a mostly-harmless way (I'm a tolerant man). Isn't it nice that the US Postal Service provides doorstep delivery for everything the wife orders, including...uh...this?" Just as long as it's not C.O.D., Mr. Black.



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