I read your minds today, and what I saw there said you're all desperate for more Error'd. Lucky you, here's a twofer from LinkedIn!

Prospective employee Progenitus opened an email and reflected "Yes, LinkedIn I am asking that myself. But I hoped you would help me find out about that."



While more or less simultaneously, another job-hunter Laurent discovered this in his own email. "When I received an e-mail with the subject "{:isHiringTrendsPositive}", I knew I'd submit my first Error'd." Kismet!



"Fancy watching Gustified?" asks Morgan . "I guess the soft sound of G is similar to J but this *cough* media player needs to go back to skool and learn its alfabet."



Dining philosopher Catherine B. observes "This restaurant apparently welcomes fractional diners. I'll have to take 3.2 of my friends there next weekend!" Sounds rational.



And an anonymous reader, unsatisfied with mere machine learning, is now doing experiments with machine clairvoyance. He reports "the file content arrived correctly in a surreptitious time machine." I think the attempt at anonymity is probably wise.



Finally, taking the ESP out of sports, here's Carlos , reporting "ESPN might be worldwide leader in sports, but they clearly don't lead in data entry." What's the word for the complete opposite of clairvoyance?



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