Due to a chance astrological alignment, two famously alcoholic holidays collided Thursday. Your editor, along with scores of ecumenicists, atheists, heretics and other drunkards, took the opportunity to get plotzed, plastered, schnockered or fershnikit in every tradition possible. This poor column is the proof.

Ruleoneian Colin has an interest in travel to far-off places, musing "I wonder what the currency in Rule-6 is."



Checking in from Rule 4, both Carlos AND Quentin dished up the same Error'd simultaneously. Deep thinking Quentin ruminated "If there is no subject line found, and you report that in the subject line, does it still count as a subject line? Where is Jean Paul Sartre when you need him?" But practical Carlos was "...just left wondering what C015 might have been." Am I the only one who assumed it was Caesar's salad?



Meanwhile, over in Rule 7, Amazon's mobile app is ferkakte. "we_also_apologize_for_missing_translation," our anonymous contributor dripped drily.



Ill-conceived Ilkka just wants to register on the F1 website but alas, he was born in the wrong era. Or at least, the wrong week. "Which way month and the date go again? As it turns out, field and form validators won't agree so anyone born after the 12th of the month is not welcome to F1"



Reveler Gordon S. is recovering from an excess of shouting. "Whole Foods is having some counting issues or I've had too much cough syrup." Nonsense, Gordon, they count just like the wtfers. Zeroth, Frist, Other Frist... Slainte'chaim!



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