"Web design pro-tip: If it takes a while to load data, just put an 'Animated loading spinner' on the screen," wrote Stuart L.


Jeremy W. writes, "Not what you'd expect to see on Microsoft's site and especially not what you want to see when trying to install an IIS extension."


"I think someone needs to fidget with their calculator instead," writes Al.


"Yeah, I logged into Credit Karma Tax's site around that time, but I'm pretty sure that it wasn't with the computer I had back in 1998," Shawn A. writes.


Jay C. wrote, "Apparently the special ingredient is HTML."


"When you change your logoff sound to 'Bohemian Rhapsody', you and your computer are going to wait a while to shut down," Geoff O. wrote.


"Gosh, I could play it safe and get the this drawer in the color 'small' to match my decor, or throw caution to the wind, live a little and order a 'medium' color instead!" writes Mike S.


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