"The bus sign in one of Tel Aviv's train station gives out some interesting info on where to catch your next bus," wrote Eran C.


"I was trying to apply for All Nippon Airways miles card when I got greeted with this nice error message," writes Francois P., "Maybe there's a trick with Japanese characters that I don't know about?"


Scott B. wrote, "Who'd have though Latin was the dominant language in the country town of Traralgon?"


"Looks like Sears doesn't like it when folks find out that their accounts exist," writes Thomas.


Peter A. wrote, "Usually, I'd jump to take advantage of such a good deal, but in this case, I'm in no rush."


James writes, "If it makes you feel better, yes, iMacros, yes. Whatever that means..."


"Yeah! I'd love a c# job! Pity I don't know any Java," wrote Mattias.


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