"I don't know what it was trying to do, but it just couldn't do it," Bert writes, "It also looks like it couldn't finish the error message."


"After a decade and a half, I thought that we were past using Windows 2000, but apparently the sketchiest arcade I've ever set foot in disagrees," writes Erik M..


"I question the integrity of the London Free Press if they aren't going to attribute their quotes," wrote Kate D.


"Signing up for a free course 'Oracle Massive Open Online Course: Java SE 8 Lambdas and Streams', I was invited to complete my user profile," Ed R. wrote, "My email address was already pre-filled, the only option was to select my time zone. Upon pressing 'Create', this reward was immediate and highly satisfactory."


Erik wrote, "I was checking my portfolio at Avanza when I noticed some very strange temporal things had been going on in Dow Jones World Index this last month."


"I came across a very bombastic find in a vendor's Bill of Materials software," Mike N. writes.


Dave C. wrote, "Now that's what I call a long running transaction."


"Alright! I win!...wait a minute, that's a familiar looking IP", wrote Nicolas.


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