We've all been there. We need to make a change to the codebase or else. The right solution is going to take time and refactoring. There's a quick fix that will keep the production system from falling over and crushing the business. So you make the quick fix, with the idea that, eventually, you'll really fix it.

And eventually never comes.

But Adam's co-workers have at least found a way to make that process rewarding for the developers involved.

This comment was added to the code-base in January, of 2017:

/* * If this function is still here after 2017-Jul-01, chris@ owes sam@ * http://www.oldripvanwinkle.com/whiskey/family-reserve-23-year/ * * Signed-off-by: Chris <[email protected]> */

As of July, 2022, that function is still there. But Chris is no deadbeat, and Sam has received a bottle of expensive whiskey, so at least there's some benefit to the ugly hack this comment surrounds.

Hopefully Sam drinks responsibly, moderating consumption so as to both enjoy the expensive bottle, but also to ensure landing right at the Ballmer Peak. Exceeding that limit is going to lead to a lot more comments like the one above, creating a positive feedback loop of alcohol and programming that is almost certainly going to lead to something worse than Windows ME.

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