Inability to properly program dates continued to afflict various websites last week, even though the leap day itself had passed. Maybe we need a new programming language in which it's impossible to forget about timezones, leap years, or Thursday.

Timeless Thomas subtweeted "I'm sure there's a great date-related WTF story behind this tweet" Gosh, I can't imagine what error this could be referring to.



Data historian Jonathan babbled "Today, the 1st of March, is the start of a new tax year here and my brother wanted to pull the last years worth of transactions from a financial institution to declare his taxes. Of course the real WTF is that they only allow up to 12 months." I am not able rightly to apprehend the confusion of ideas that could provoke such an error'd.



Ancient Matthew S. breathed a big sigh of relief on seeing this result: "Good to know that I'm up to date as of 422 years ago!"



Jaroslaw gibed "Looks like a translation mishap... What if I didn't knew English?" Indeed.



Hardjay vexillologist Julien casts some shade without telling us where to direct our disdain "I don't think you can have dark mode country flags..." He's not wrong.



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