It's astounding...

The madness took its toll on Chris N. who highlighted Monday "Your Microsoft Teams is out of date! This is after pressing Calendar."



The void is calling Matthias J. who can't decide "Not sure if I need to add my contact data or the missing contact form source code?"



So dreamy Luke H. declared indignantly "I'm being objectified by PayPal when I try to remove my address."



And an anonymous guy with the devil's eyes had this to share (which took me by surprise) "Somehow, I do not believe that {:title} in {:location} is a popular job title. In fact, I have never seen an advertisement for this. Clicking on it, yields an empty Oh snap! error. Does Linkedin only know three job titles?"



With only time for one last stanza, Manuel H. calls out "A service that rarely encounters issues sounds expensive, and looking at the Pricing, that indeed seems to be the case."



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